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Model: WF80F5E5U4W Washing Machine WF80f5

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My washing machine keeps stopping mid wash cycle. Have you had this problem and had it fixed? Please help if you can (fault history below) WF80F5E5U4W purchased 20/02/15.

March 2017 machine was stopping mid wash, if the pause button was pressed it would carry on and finish.
April 9 the machine stopped again mid wash but would not start again, the drum just seems to jerk/twitch but does not rotate. Switching it back on the following morning it did complete the wash.
April 3.2017 telephoned Samsung, went through drum recalibration and a test spin all Ok.
April 17.2017 again washer stops mid washing cycle.
April 18.2017 telephoned Samsung. Went through calibration again, and other test with the Samsung adviser was asked to do a test wash. The following day the test wash went well and it finished the cycle.
May 8.2017 the washing machine stops part way into a dark wash it was switched off. Two hours later it was switched back on and completed the wash.
May 9.2017 called Samsung again to report the washing machine had stopped again. Again we went through calibration again, unplug it for 30 minutes and then run an empty cycle.



Hi I have pretty much the same story with a 9kg Ecobubble machine. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.


I have also posted a query on this.


Samsung can we have an answer to this please?





Afternoon AD07, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I can but hope that Samsung have now repaired your machine.
My thoughts and my outcome: - It does sadden me that it took so long for Samsung to step up to the mark and understand that this was a fault not fixable with regular recalibration as happened for me on multiple phone calls to them.

When finally Samsung conceded and booked a service engineer to visit, it was made very clear to me that if no fault was found I would be presented with a bill for the engineer’s time. Not a nice thought, another worry as this fault was rather random and very intermittent.

Lots of Happy news now. The company nominated by Samsung for the engineers visit contacted myself to bring the appointment time forward, good news.
Even better news was they were able to reassure me that the part to fix my suspect intermittent fault would be with the engineer, so my wallet breathed a sigh of relief as did I.
Even much better news, was it was and it did, fix my fault. Well six weeks later it appears to have fixed my washing machine it has never stopped mid was since the new part was fitted.

I was an electronics engineer with experience of Telecommunications. Radio, TV data and Video transmission. IP networks. Power supplies. Servos and control systems. From Valves (really old twit) to Microelectronics, BGA and surface mount multi-layer boards. Surveillance and security systems both industrial and commercial all hands on repairing to individual component level repairs.
I am NOT and Washing Machine engineer.
But I am very aware of service costs, and no fault found and customer misuse or lack of product knowledge causing problems and wasted engineer’s visits. But come on Samsung this would appear to be a known fault.

To sum up. Very problematic start to my complaint but in the end fantastic service.




My washing machine has just started to stop mid wash. I am only 5 days away from being outside the warranty and reading the thread here very worried. I just came off the phone with Samsung, machine has been calibrated and currently working under the rinse and spin cycle (didn't work before), I will try the stain away cycle next. 

Samsung also said to me that they could arrange a service order but if the engineer did not find a fault I would be charged. I am worried that now that the machine is recalibrated it will work for two weeks, so engineer will find no fault and break again just outside the warranty period. Samsung confirmed I would be charged for that repair. Does anyone knowhow much that would be? 


Also, Samsung said that the drum is very sensitive about how it is used. So if I have under or overloaded the drum the machine has not been used correctly. Samsung made it sound as if each programme has a very specific load and anything outside it would result on the drum stopping. Has anyone else been told this? In any case I don't understand why the machine would work fine for nearly 2 years and the suddenly stop when the way I use it has not changed. My loads tend to be always the same.


What should I do? Is it worth paying engineers to fix this machine or go straight to the shop for a German make?



Morning Bee2.
The fault symptoms and your experience with Samsung seem identical to mine (and others) including Samsung’s reaction.
I suspect the fault will reappear (but hope not).
I am not a lawyer but I suspect the fact that you have reported and highlighted this fault and its symptom’s to them within the warranty period, if this fault persists this fault will be covered within a reasonable period past the warranty expiry date.
I would sagest you keep the details of any exchanges you have had with Samsung’s representatives, reference numbers, name’s, date, and time within the warranty period.
I would advise you to email or better still write a polite letter with the above details, dates time name references summing up this incident and the re calibration fix. Also perhaps stating your concern about their product and the sustainability of the recalibration fix.
Sit back and hope the same fault does not reappear.
If it does within a month or two I believe it would be covered under its warranty as it is a latent fault. Remember You have reported this fault within its warranty period.
I believe Citizens advice would agree with this course of action but ask them.
You are correct as the instructions state different wash materials do have different advised loads.
More importantly you have used this washer for two years with no problems and I would sagest have not suddenly change the way you use it.

If the fault reappears You are within your writes to expect it to be fixed under its warranty FOC.
Keep your money for the moment, persist I would expect and hope for a favourable outcome.


Hi hope your machines are now working.


I too have the same problem where the machine drum tries to turn on wash mode but only does half a turn or a twitch. All other functions seem to work as normal i.e switches on fine, water in, discharge. heat etc, just stands during the wash and lets the timer time-out without having washed clothes. I have calibrated the machine a number of times and this doesn't work. I have cleaned all filters and checked for blockages. Appears this is the common fault as this is my second ecobubble and the last one lasted just under 3 years, as this one has too.


Mine is out of the standard warranty so does any one have any idea which component goes bad and would need replacing to get it work again before I too go and buy a new washing machine.


Sometimes even goes into spin, so not sure if its the motor or not, though its a digital inverter motor (the machine has a sticker on it whic says this component has 10 years warranty (it's still in the 10 year period).


I would be grateful for any help, thanks in advance.


Morning Zahir786, sorry to hear about your problem. Assuming it is the same fault as I had.
I was fortunate that mine was still in its warranty period and then repaired under warranty. When repaired I noticed the part replaced was the control board (the only board fitted).
As to the faulty individual components on this board that are causing the fault I have no idea. All the components on this board looked to be under a Polyurethane Potting Compound, this presents another difficulty to effecting component repairs, hence the board swopping. Sadly I doubt if even Samsung actually repair the faulty boards.
Anyway back to your problem,
How far out of its warranty is your washer? Realistically it is unreasonable for a warranty to bluntly end the day after its expiry date.
From what you have said this is your second Samsung washer, so talk to Samsung or better still write/email them expressing how disappointed and saddened you are that as a loyal customer to be let down again by their brand and that this latest washer seems to be suffering from a latent (now a known fault).
If you are struggling and you honestly believe you are being treated unreasonably by a supplier (the people you purchased the washer from) or the manufacturer in this case, Samsung Talk to Citizens advice.


I bought a simillar one my one is WF70F5E2W4X  it did the same thing I called Samsung they said your waranty has run out after 2 years I said it was labelled 5 years they replied it was not because i didnt register even though I had a receipt so unfair but now that I read all of this I am going to complain about this to who ever regulates these people its obvious its a probleme thats afecting a lot of people some thing is not right why are all these machines all developing this very same  fault exactly after 2 years not befor ?? it has to be investigated it has cost me a lot of money trying to fix it and the further damage caused because of it othe parts in my machine broke because it started draining while the clothes had still lots of water on them and now i am having to buy a new machine and throw a machine that is like brand new you cant buy a waching machine every 2 years thats crazy 


That's all very lovely mydom, But what was the part that was fitted to cure your problem?


Morning Spartacusian. As listed in the post dated 23/10/17 :- When repaired I noticed the part replaced was the control board (the only board fitted).

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