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Microwave turns on when door is shut

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Hi, our Samsung Microwave MS23F301EAS turns on before timer is set when I close the door. I’m really worried about this. 


i called Samsung for assistance and unfortunately  the warranty expired only 4 months  ago and they are unable to help unless I pay for An engineer, despite most of our appliances being Samsung. 


Has as anyone else managed to solve this themselves as I can’t afford an engineer money is very tight at the moment. 


Many thanks 



Hi @SunnyG.


Did you manage to get anything sorted out regarding this?


I had the same problem, my husband fixed it somehow. However, after a month we decided to get rid of it, as I was worried that it could explode. We did renovation in our kithcen and there was no space for microwave after it. So, the only option that could fit new conditions was an OTR microwave, which I believe to be the most difficut to buy. There are so many variants with many useful features that you can't even focus on the one variant properly. Moreover, that was quite a story for us to decide what size and what price it should be. My husband was surfing on the internet to find a reliable source also describing and comparing microwaves, answering the most common questions we had. We were surpised when we finally discovered the article about over the range microwaves providing all useful information to choose the best variant for any kitchen. I was dreaming of an oven with powerful ventilation system and easy to wash. So, according to this criteria we ordered Samsung ME16H702SES, which suits all our needs. By the way, the buyer's guide is excellent. Try to check it!


No way! I ended up binning ours, had no idea how to repair..... 😄

Hi Chris sorry I’ve just seen this reply. Thanks asking, unfortunately not and I had to dispose of it..... Didn’t know of anyone locally that could repair. Thanks, Lisa

Sad to hear this @SunnyG! Thanks for letting us know though.



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