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MC28M6075CS Microwave Oven, semi-responsive buttons

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Hi, this microwave is coming up to 3 years (guarantee only covered 2 years) of use and some of the buttons seem to be responsive only under certain conditions.


  • The START/+30S button only turns on the microwave with 30s on the timer if ECO mode is activated first. Pressing it to add 30S once the microwave is on works as normal.
  • Slim Fry only responds if ECO mode activated first.
  • Dough Proof/Yoghurt responds, but unable to activate any of the functions with the START/+30S button.
  • The other functions are working and responding fine majority of the time, or after ECO mode is activated


Things I've tried so far:

  • Turning the Child Lock on and off again.
  • Shutting off the power, unplugging and leaving it alone for 10mins (attempted twice).
  • Wiping down the inside, door hinges, latches and control panel.
  • Used a blunt needle around the edges of STOP and START button in case of debris

Any suggestions or help appreciated!

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