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Manufacture defect

(Topic created on: 02-03-2021 02:46 PM)

this is our second fridge freezer, last one broke down several times, had to keep switching off so it would defrost, turns out the insulation was gone on it, new one is not even 3 years old arrived with a fault i believe with the ice dispenser, Samsung customer service was a waste of time, had a major breakdown all foods wasted cost £300, then not even 3 years old has another breakdown again all foods wasted and at another cost to us, had to pay for an engineers report to be informed its a manufacture defect because the insulation had all gone porous and is now fit for the scrap heap, seems these appliances are not fit for the purpose they are intended for, i never expected to have to be turning them off so often so they could defrost, i thought they are meant to be frost free, and what do you expect people to do with the food while its defrosting for 24 hrs??? even Samsung expects them to last longer than 3 years when some parts are warranted for 10 years, the customer service with my first purchase was amazing, when it had its first major breakdown they extended the warranty by 5 years, why i purchased another samsung product, this time they don't even want to know and i am nearly 2k out of pocket for a product thats not fit for the intention it was purchased for