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Limescale removal in Eco- bubble washing machine on Drum Clean

(Topic created on: 29-05-2024 03:59 PM)
First Poster

Hi, hope someone can help resolve this problem.  I recently contacted customer service to see if Samsung recommended anything for limescale as I live in a hard water area, they suggested I use a mix of 50ml lime juice, 50ml white vinegar and 3 litres of water when I did a drum clean.

I have just done my first drum clean and after 15 minutes the machine emptied the drum, filled up again and then heated the water to 60c  until the end of the programme, I would like to know if I should stop the machine after the first empty and then add the mixture or what?

In the handbook Samsung say not to use any chemicals so didn't want to use anything commercial for limescale in case I invalided my warranty, what do other people on the community use?  I have googled this extensively but unable to find a solution.