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Leaking Fridge

(Topic created on: 31-10-2022 10:23 AM)
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I purchased a Samsung fridge freezer (RB36R8839SR) just under a couple of years ago, however water has been collecting in the bottom of the fridge compartment.  Having done a bit of googling, it would seem that this is a known fault with this model.  I logged a support call weeks ago and a chap came out and repaired it (with a new part I think).  I noticed about a week ago that water is still collecting in the fridge.  I logged this, but was unable to book a repair as it said I had recently had a repair!  I received a couple of calls from what I assume was a support team, telling me that I needed to do some troubleshooting to fix it.  They asked me what sort of time would be best.  I explained that I wouldn't be home until the next day and that they should ring after 3pm.  They phoned later the same day telling me they wanted to run through troubleshooting and so I explained that I was not home.  They then rang again at 11am the next day.  I was unable to hear what the person was saying as the line was so bad.  It sounded like they were walking through traffic and I could neither hear or understand what they were saying.  I have not heard anything since, and still have water collecting in my fridge!

I am really disappointed with this as I have always purchased Samsung products and was impressed with the speed of the first "repair", however I do not know how to progress with this now, as it's impossible to get hold of anyone in support.

Any help would be appreciated as I really need to get this resolved and it does seem like a known error with this model.

Many thanks,