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Ice maker on Samsung rf23m8070 sweating drops of condensation on outside of ice bucket

(Topic created on: 06-01-2024 04:04 AM)
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The ice maker on our Samsung rf23m8070 refrigerator has been set to Off for about 2 years. We just don't use it. About six months ago, we turned it on to try and get some ice out and nothing came out. We figured it was probably one big block of ice in there and we just let it be.

This may not be related, but today we noticed a few drops puddling about halfway beneathe the ice maker. It wasn't a ton but it's annoying for sure. We cleared that spot and then it repeated a few hours later.
My guess is that the ice maker is overflowing and gradual melting is leading to this. I tried to pull the ice bucket open but it's stuck -- probably frozen over.

About two months ago I also heard a humming noise coming from it. This seemed related to the ice maker, and since we never used it, we realized that we had left it on from last time. We turned it off, the buzzing went away.

I plan on trying to shake it loose with brute force after giving this a little bit more time for observation. But in the meantime, I wanted to post here and get any input on. I haven't been able to find a specific example like this in my Google searches. See the photo below -- that little jar is the spot where the condensation forms on the bottom of the ice bucket case and drips. I have read some things about "force defrost" cycle for the ice maker but I wasn't sure if I should try that.