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Getting the most out of your washing machine!

(Topic created on: 23-03-2020 03:59 PM)
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Hi all,


So, whilst I have a weird fascination with washing machines when they're doing their thing, I admit to being a little clueless as to how to actually use them (beyond pushing the start button). But I found some pro-tips for getting the most out of Samsung washing machines in this video:



From which I gathered:


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  • Each washing machine programme has it's own maximum weight limit, so choosing the suitable one to use is important.
  • Follow the care label advice for items; and refer to detergent packaging for correct type and dosage of detergent.
  • Items with metalic buttons or studs should be folded inside-out to prevent damage to the drum or seals.
  • There should be a hand's width between the top of the laundry and top of the drum; and all items should fit easily inside the drum without protruding into the rubber door seal.
  • Check for items trapped between the door glass and rubber seal.
  • Avoid washing larger, heavier items on their own.


After Washes


  • It's a good idea to run an Eco Drum programme at 40-wash intervals to maintain the high performance and longer life of the machine. The machine will prompt you to do this.
  • Clean out the door seal, and ensure the door is left open for 15 minutes after every wash.
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@AntS  Useful advice  to gain the maximum benefits from your washing machine.  A tendency to sometimes think the machine does everything for you but  generally you still need to know a bit about technique and the most appropriate program for your needs.    Mind you AI in some of the advanced models makes it very high tech, such as automatic recommendations for the best wash cycle and auto dosing detergents. 



I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

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I'd like to buy an Add to Wash machine. However the width says 60cm. The space I have is 59.5cm max. Do you know if the dimensions given are accurate or any way I can get more accurate dimensions?

Thank you