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Garbagae Company

(Topic created on: 3 weeks ago)
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i Contacted SAMSUNG Support on May 11 regarding my micrwave smoked and stopped working and they issued ticket repair.In-H ome Repair Ticket ******** Confirmation two days later i received a call from this place
Field Tech Electronics LLC
2000 Bennett Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19116
(215) 578-1561
so he asked me we should come fix your micrwave i told him over the phone it's not repairable smoked and burnt already they he said okay and hangout
Two days i later i called the support to check the status of Tciket No. ********
customer support said it's already reported repaired and parts replaced , it's fruad by Repair Center report work done and never went or show up to fix my micrwave , so they created another tickets , since then they keep creat ticket No. till i got so confused by this Philipnas customer service no help or even not understand their job

then i received call from another filipino guy named and identified himself as higher spelised team will he will assist me since the microwave not repairable by replace or refund

then two days later i called the SAMSUNG Support and they don't help or understand as usual and create anther ticket , and apologize we going to escalate this tickets , so i every time i call i have to provide all those ticket's No.

do you think this cheap company hiring cheap people untrian and incompetent , defnitly will not provide good service after sales
products made in china , Customer support in Philippines

every 2-3 days spent 45 mins over the phone with this customer serivce with no help or solution

it's very bad company
Ticket No. **********
Ticket No. **********
Ticket No. **********
Ticket no. **********
Ticket no. **********

this very bad experience with SAMSUNG , thenk god the Micrwave only product in my house from SAMSUNG


I'm sorry to hear about your experience with your microwave repair, @HANYMORSY. I'd recommend reaching out to the Support Team in your region again, as it sounds like they have an open ticket regarding this issue already, and as you are currently posting on the UK Community, that isn't something we can access, unfortunately. You can reach out to the Support Team using the contact details found on the following link: 

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You seem to be in the USA. So as stated this is the wrong forum

I'd also advice you to check your consumer rights in your country.

In UK we ideally would go to the store we bought the microwave and get it replaced under warranty.

Ideally the store company deals with replacing and not the product company.