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Functional design of temperature controls on american fridge freezer

(Topic created on: 18/01/21 16:28)
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Home Appliances

I have seen a number of issues on the forum of americal fridge freezer internal temperatures varying when tested with fridge thermometers, ven though the indicated temperatures are at the level they were set at.

 I found this when I was researching my own freezer, which although indicating -20C on the front panel, was actually at around 0C when measured with a thermometer. The fridge was at 8C whilst indicating 4C.

Having unplugged the unit for 30 seconds, the readings on the front panel then agreed with those on the thermometer. and the freezer started cooling again. I have access to temperature recording instrumentation which i then fitted to the freezer and it was clear that the actual freezer temperature was fluctuating wildly, whilst the indicated temperature was stable , right on the set point. An amount of food was wasted as it was partially defrosted

 A repair was carried out under warranty and all is working well again.

The question  now is how will I know if the poor control happens again and the freezer is not achieving the -20C setpoint making the food stored in it  no longer safe to eat. Can anyone suggest how I can speak to anyone at Samsung to see how the control system is designed? It is obviously not fit for purpose, how many fridge freezers are out there, indicating the freezer is at -20C when the actual temperature is -10 or warmer?