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(Topic created on: 05-12-2021 09:05 PM)
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Have a French door refrigerator just over 4 years and have had constant temperature issues which Samsung have never been able to fix.  Have been told by different technicians that there is a class action regarding Samsung french door fridges. Well being in Aus i cant join but wondering if there is one here in Australia? I have recently had a technician out yet again to my fridge and finally I got some who knew what was going on. My fridge not only doesn't cool even know the front screen will show the tempture is 2 degrees I bought a thermometer and put it inside and it shows 9 (not cool at all) how we haven't ended up sick I don't know. We are getting pools of water on the floor from the fridge and condensation both inside the fridge and externally running down the back and top of the fridge and a huge pool over water under the drinks draw. The technicians confirmed the fridge is unfixable as it is a insulation issue. They have sent the report to Samsung who are refusing to do anything about it even know it is a manufacturing issue. Not something anyone can fix as insulation occurs on the assembly line. 

Has anyone had this issue?? I need my fridge replaced and will be taking this the consumer affairs but want to know if anyone has had this same issue? Thanks