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Fridge filter farce


I spent £1200 on a large American style fridge freezer, that has a filtered ice and water dispenser. 


The fridge is now 6 months old so I have been prompted to change the filter. 


I ordered the filter but it doesnt fit. 


After sending back two more that didn't fit. I have been informed that Samsung have discountiued the filter that I need, and I will need to buy an adaptor kit at a cost of £45, a new filter at a cost of £40, and get an engineer around to fit it at an additional cost. 


I have been a fan of Samsung for a number of years, but this takes the biscuit! 


Why are you passing on these costs to your customers? 


Its an absolute disgrace! 


Possibly. I've tried 3 different filters, all supposed to fit.


None did due to the key fit. 


I don't recall what the numbers were. 




We recommend giving our Home Appliance Team a call for further help with this. They'll be able to ensure you have the correct filter needed for your Refrigerator and talk you through the installation process. 


If this fails, they can look at arranging for an engineer to come and fit the filter for you. 


Our Home Appliance Team can be contacted on: 0330 726 7864 more details can be found here.


The fridge came with an filter ending 0003F 


That is what I tried to order, but was provided with a filter ending 0003G, which doesn't fit. 


Hi . I have had exactly the same thing. I ordered a 3F and was sent a 3G and I can't install either.  I have both sorts and have no iodea which I am supposed to use now. Samsung Website doesnt tell you. Fridge model doesnt exist on their find my filter website. I have been trying to get a drink of water for 2 days. I share your frustrations.  


Hi Kitkat


Bit rubbish isn't it! 


I used the phone number above and called customer service. An engineer is now on his way to fit the adaptor kit, which there won't be any cost for.


So I'd suggest you do the same.  




I'm thinking of buying this fridge - did it all get sorted in the end? (RSG5UUMH).


thank you

No. The fridge is great but you have no help with the filters.

Oh no - so what did the engineer say when he arrived?

It got sorted in the end, but getting the wrong advice from the first 2-3 people at Samsung I contacted didn't make for an easy fix! 


I’m having same frustrations. My RSG5UCRS  does not take the DA29-00003F or the new HAFIN2/EXP. Had three conversations with Samsung 0330 7267864 team. Have already returned one filter (3F) and have the HAFIN2 waiting to be returned. Please advise 

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