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Feedback to the makers of the Samsung Series 5 washing machine

(Topic created on: 20-07-2022 02:10 PM)
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I have a WW90T534DAW series 5 washing machine with the silver dial in the middle and long oblong LED information window. 

one of the shortcomings of the features is that if you have turned off the autodose or set it to 'high' 'low' or 'med' is that next time you put the cycle on before you start the wash there is no indication whatsoever in the information LED window as to what the Autodose is set to before you start the wash. So many a time I have started a wash, and forgot that I might have turned off the autodose on the detergent or fabric softener previously

... and so if I realise last minute and go into the options settings after starting the wash, even if its at the very beginning when its weighing the clothes, if I go into the Autodose setting it will not let me adjust the autodose settings at all - I have to cancel the whole wash and start all over again just so I can set the Autodose back on again. - a simple message in the LED window about 'autodose turned off!' flash up would make all the difference . 

I am sure in a future software update this could be added to the machine , but I am not even sure (even though its an internet connected machine) whether these models ever get firmware/software updates in their lifetime to add these kind of things?