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Famly Hub

(Topic created on: 11-04-2021 09:22 AM)
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Home Appliances

After buying a Refrigerator with Family Hub French Door, I come across more and more that do not work as connecting sound to Sonos does not work, which works on almost all mobile devices.
Opening a PDF via a web browser is not possible. Have had to convert PDF to images in order to use Samsung fridge for something meaningful.
A lot of web pages do not appear as they should look which is annoying.
Opening Home Assistant via the fridge works at first glance, but the fridge loses contact and stops working when the web is open for a while ....
For every day you want to try something new in the media or smart homes, I find that Samsung only cares about its own products that are not as user-friendly as some competitors.
A major reason for the problem seems to be Samsung's own operating system Ticen, which lacks a lot of functionality and this can be seen on Family hub and TV sets, etc.