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Engineer says FridgeFreezer not fit for purpose - What to do next?

(Topic created on: 15-11-2022 02:27 PM)
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We bought a Samsung FridgeFreezer in Dec 2017, RB41J7859S4 Chef Collection Freestanding Fridge-Freezer, not cheap but you buy something of quality, you assume it is going to last a long time. 

We were wrong. 

The runners for the freezer drawers turned out to just be insulation foam with a thin plastic coat, which, needless to say, have collapsed rendering the top and second drawer of the freezer unusable. It is not as if you could overload these, they are removable crate drawers, so have a finite capacity. 

Anyway, given that they fridge freezer was less than 5 years old we contacted Samsung who said it was out of warranty (my mistake thinking the advertised 5 year warranty applied) so we asked for options. Samsung recommended one of their service partners, so we contacted them and arranged for a repair visit (£58).

He turned up, had a look and said no, the runners cannot be repaired and the freezer was not fit for purpose and that we should go back to Samsung.

Five years, £1,200, we should have gone to Miele. 

What should our next step be?


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I'm sure that's only any opinion from the engineer, as it wouldn't have passed rigorous testing before any brand releases a product

Anyway next step is go get a Meile, they are great I have a fridge and washing machine from them, it's 20 years old and going strong