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Ecobubble wf90f5e5u4w jerking and falling to rotate

(Topic created on: a week ago)
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My Eco bubble machine randomly gets stuck in a cycle. After several rotations, it appears to start rotating, then stop after a few degrees. I looks like a drum that's got something obstructing it, but I can rotate it freely by hand. I can also rotate the motor by hand, and, when it is stuck in this problem, if I take the belt off, the motor exhibits the same jerky motion and doesn't rotate. 

It happens on any size of load, and sometimes doesn't happen at all. Sometimes it will just start going again after a long period of time (30 minutes or so). Sometimes we have to pause and restart, sometimes switch off and on again and run a shorter cycle. I have done multiple recalibrations and run the test cycles with no errors showing.

I'm guessing something is interrupting the motor, but don't know where to start. 

Had the same problem and managed to fix.

Pull you machine out. Unplug power. Put on its side so you can access the bottom on the machine. Unscrew bottom and there will be a big black hose underneath (filter hose) undo this and check inside. There will probably be bits of clothes on socks which is stopping the drum moving. Also remove your heater element and check for bits stuck here.

Sounds long but took me about 30-45 mins to do and saved me calling someone out and charging me loads.

Check on YouTube loads of videos showing how.

Good luck

I wonder if the wash motor on your machine is brushless inverter motor or a motor that has carbon brushes on it , because what you have described is precisely what happens when the carbon brushes on a brush type motor have worn down and need replacing. 

Has your washing machine got the words 'Digital Inverter' written on the front of the machine either on the soap dispenser drawer or over to the right underneath the display panel?
If it has that will be a brushless motor - if you havent got the words on the front of the machine then it could be a brush type motor (especially if there is a squealing/shrill noise when spinning) in which case the carbon brushes may need replacing on the motor. Easily sourced.