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Eco Bubble WF70F5E0W4W stuck on a program



My 5 year old washing machine has stopped working.

When I run any wash cycle, the machine locks the door, water comes in the drum as normal, the drum turns a couple of times then stops moving. After 10mn or so of doing nothing the machine goes on "pause". All the lights blink (as when on pause). When I "un-pause" the machine starts again filling water..... as before.

The spin program spins fine but does not end. There's 1 minute left and it won't end.

There's no error message, the water drains fine, the water comes in fine, no kinks in the pipes.

I can't call a repairer as during the pandemic, nobody will come to my house and can't stay without a washing machine with a baby.

Please help!!

I did and called but as I said before, because we are on confinement in the UK, all stores are closed and engineers not currently working.
As this could go on for a further 4 to 6 weeks at best, I need an alternative.
Unfortunately, I'm not inclined to buy another Samsung......

Thanks for your help


I got a call back last week from a repairer and someone came to check the machine on Friday. 

Verdict, the motor is dead!!!! On a 5 year old machine, it is very disappointing. There's 3 of us at home and use the machine about 3 times a week and we don't do heavy loads.

Anyway, total cost will be just shy of £175, to be fitted this week.

I'm thankful that engineers have been out at this difficult time.

Thanks for tour help.

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This is an update, the engineer came back to change the motor and when he did, the machine still wouldn't work. He ran another test and the motherboard was also dead. Too expensive to fix so I bought another machine (not a Samsung one!!)
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