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Eco Bubble WF70F5E0W4W stuck on a program



My 5 year old washing machine has stopped working.

When I run any wash cycle, the machine locks the door, water comes in the drum as normal, the drum turns a couple of times then stops moving. After 10mn or so of doing nothing the machine goes on "pause". All the lights blink (as when on pause). When I "un-pause" the machine starts again filling water..... as before.

The spin program spins fine but does not end. There's 1 minute left and it won't end.

There's no error message, the water drains fine, the water comes in fine, no kinks in the pipes.

I can't call a repairer as during the pandemic, nobody will come to my house and can't stay without a washing machine with a baby.

Please help!!


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I got a call back last week from a repairer and someone came to check the machine on Friday. 

Verdict, the motor is dead!!!! On a 5 year old machine, it is very disappointing. There's 3 of us at home and use the machine about 3 times a week and we don't do heavy loads.

Anyway, total cost will be just shy of £175, to be fitted this week.

I'm thankful that engineers have been out at this difficult time.

Thanks for tour help.

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Hi @LaChoupette. Can you run a calibration test and see how that goes? To do this, press the Power button while holding down the Temp and Delay End buttons together. The washing machine will turn on and CLB will be displayed. Press the Start/ Pause button to start the calibration and the drum will rotate for a few minutes. Once complete, End or 0 will be displayed. Get back in touch if you experience issues after doing this. 

Hi, I should have mentioned, I did run a calibration test but after running it successfully, the machine still won't work.


Thanks for confirming. How full is the load you have washing?


I tried a normal load, a load of  bedding (so full volume but not heavy) and I tried to run the machine on empty. None of them work.


Okay. I'm going to get in touch with an engineer to see what steps we can take next. I'll get back to you as soon as I can but please be aware as it's a Sunday, I might not hear back today.  

I tried pressing the delay and temp and on button but when the letters clb appear and I press start nothing happens 

Hi @LaChoupette. I've heard back that it's best if an engineer inspects your washing machine. This link will direct you to the closest Service Centre in your area. Hope this helps! 

Nobody will come to my house during the pandemic though so sounds like I'm gonna have to buy a new one.
This is really disappointing for a 5 year old machine 😞




Have you checked to find out who is your local Samsung repair centre .





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