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ECO bubble washing machine warranty

(Topic created on: 23-10-2021 08:50 AM)

Absolutely gutted.  Purchased an ecobubble back in 2018. Mainly because it had a sticker on it claiming it had a 5 yr warrenty. So registered it...

Now the thing has gone wrong.. D.C. on the display. And the customer services now claim it's a 2 yr warrenty... the sticker said 5 and that's the reason we brought it .   Buyers beware it's a con as it appears they try and wiggle out of the warrenty.

I'm sure these products are programmed to go wrong.... or they dial in to it to kill it.

Just goes to show your better off buying a cheap and cheerful machine for 250 if your having to replace them every 3 years.


@Swanks: I'm sorry to hear that you have had some issues claiming on your warranty. For clarity, did you register for the 5 year warranty within 90 days of the purchase date via the following link?

Register For Samsung Five Year Warranty | Samsung UK

If so then you should have received email confirmation that the claim had been successful, therefore please check your inbox and junk/spam folder, just in case it was filtered there in error. If the warranty isn't currently reflected on our system then please reach out to our Help Desk on 0333 000 0333, and you will be able to send a copy of the email confirmation to a designated address, so we can get this updated for you. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you. 

Oh dear. We are going tru the same issue currently. Getting a dC error and been struggling to get an engineer visit scheduled.
Btw, we had registered for a 5yr warranty within 5 days of purchase. However we were unable to locate our product under the my products page. Seems like samsung may have changed their systems.
We have re-registered again now.
But still awaiting a response and an engineer visit to be scheduled 😞

Hi Bryn.

I have had a machine repair man look at it and apparently the circuit board has blown.  I eventually had a lady call me from warranty service and well,  It was very hard to hear clearly what she was talking about, she spoke very very fast,  coupled with her accent made no sense whatsoever. I kept asking her to slow down and speak clearly but she failed to understand that simple request. I also work on telephones and this lady needs serious training.

Anyway its all down to me,  I know i registered it but as my partner purchased it I cannot remember whos email it was under - Now with modern technology with a company like samsung you would of thought they would be ale to put in the machine number in a pc search engine and it would bring up the warranty detail and registration ?  HA, No such look. they use every way they can to try an wiggle out of this.  I'm afraid Bryn your looking at a new machine, I also suggest you go for one that isn't hooked up to the internet or any devise because I seriously think after a certain time span they dial into it to feed it a error so your spending more money..  

NOTHING is made to last anymore - we have turned into a disposable world and companies like this are taking full advantage.


I would love to hear how you get on with this..



Hi  Andrew.

My partner purchased this machine, I honestly cannot remember whos email I did it under -it was 3 years ago. And as you may know emails like this would probably go to a spam folder within gmail and automatically gets deleted after 30 days.  

So surely you have a pc program that your are able to put the machine number into and pull up the warranty?  I work with pcs and understand there is more than one way to find something?   

The warranty lady telephoned me but even though I asked her to slow down and speak clearly she was unable to understand the request and just waffled on, connection was poor and she sounded like she was sat in a shed.

PC world advertised this machine with a 5 yr warranty -its one of the reasons my partner purchased it !  

I am beginning to think big companies try their hardest not to full fill warranty's and promises because its all about making money! 


Hi @Swanks 

If the 5-year warranty was registered at the time, then our Support Team should have a record of this on their systems. It may be worth while giving them a call on 0333 000 0333. They're open until 10pm this evening.

First Poster

We bought one July 2017 and got the 5 year warranty. It has developed a fault, the engineer came and looked at it and said he would need to order a new  circuit board. Samsung emailed to tell us that they were unable to get the part needed and would be in touch. They didn't so we contacted them and after over one hour on the phone we agreed to have a replacement rather than a refund of which they offered a choice of 3. After another week we contacted them for an update only to find that there was no stock of the model we picked. We picked another one and after another week we contacted them to find out this was also out of stock even though we were told it was in stock at the time. We have now picked another one and someone is ringing us back this afternoon to give us an update. We thought it would be better all round to just have a replacement rather than waiting for a refund to come through.