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DV90T8240SX/S1 Tumble Dryer Not Spinning

(Topic created on: 2 weeks ago)
First Poster

Hoping somebody on here may be able to help. I bought the DV90T8240SX/S1 Tumble Dryer a couple of years ago.

Samsung have now decided to not honour the "Built to last - 5 year parts and labour* plus 20 year warranty on the Digital Inverter Motor" statement and offer they introduced a couple of months after I purchased the dryer. so my basic 2 year has run out.

The dryer drum will not spin, it begins to, then rumbles and grumbles for 1 second then stops. it will then wait 10 seconds or so then repeats this constantly. 

I was hoping somebody may have some answers or seen this issue so i could maybe pay a little less in getting it repaired. (attached video if it loads).

The drum spins by hand and the fan moves in sync with this. That is about as much as I can see with out ripping it apart. I have also made sure the fuse in the plug was working (this is all Samsung support repeatedly insisted I do to fix the issue, even though it was powered on). 

Fingers crossed there is a hero out there that can diagnose this for me