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DV90N62632W How to turn of startup chime

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I've recently bought a DV90N62632W heatpump dryer. al already im regreating the decission since there seems no way to turn off the start up chime or any of the other chimes when changing program ect. "Only" thing that i can turn off is the alarm when it's done with a program.

Am I missing something? because i konw the prievous model could ( my inlaws have it ) thoug the layout are diffrent in terms of the buttons, and all they have to do is turn off the alarm thing, and that turns off the startup chime.


Is there a way to actually do this on this model i've bought? without tearing it all apart and rip out the speaker? 😃


i feel your pain I have the same issue with my washing machine. da da da da daaaaaa,

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