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Don’t buy Samsung product

(Topic created on: 20-10-2022 03:37 AM)
Farooq Azam
First Poster
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I bought  washing machine on 28/03/2022, it’s faulty don’t wash cloths at all leave dirt as it is , I call customer technical support then send me link to join  video call after guided me to do some checks ask me to washed my cloths after washing she checked my cloth the dirt and marks was still their then I ask her to return washing machine and refund then she did some paperwork and told me that she send a message to retail team once it approve I will get call , I waited for two days I never received call them I called  then they fed to customer service then it’s started round and round customer service to technical support then technical support to customer service 

worst customer service I never seen they will make a note but they don’t every time when you call you need to explain every time 

I problem not resolved I am taking them  to court .



Home Appliances
I agree don't I bought a Samsung tv just over a year ago now it's showing a black line across TV called Samsung customer service & they said do I want the number for someone to fix it I said no because I might as well use the money to buy another brand tv because its dosnt really make sense if they on screens only last just over a year so they hung up on me I'm fuming tv cost me around £700
Home Appliances
No disrespect to you... At all

When it comes to washing machines /Fridge freezer or in fact TVs... Samsung is useless absolutely useless.. Sure it has all the wow wow wow smart features... But for daily domestic use.. It's not wow

However their mobile phones are OK and kind of wow wow...that's all Samsung can do smart.. Even Galaxy watch is 50/50 and they are learning the game from Apple

We have to be smart with decision making