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Disappointing Samsung Product and Customer Experience - 8kg Tumble Dryer

(Topic created on: 25-01-2022 08:05 PM)
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After spending £569.00 on an optimal drive 8kg Tumble Dryer in Feb 2018, the machine has just broken down (in less than 4 years). After a non-refundable call-out (£45), by a Samsung approved engineer, we have been left with a £314.00 repair bill to fix our machine and this is with only 3 months of warranty for the repair parts.

Obviously we contacted Samsung customer solutions for help (thinking our 10year warranty sticker from PC World would help) ,  but were were advised that our 10 Year (retail sticker) warranty did not cover the parts,  as they were covered by the standard 2 year warranty. Samsung then said they would not be able to help us any further.

After various exchanges with Samsung customer service representatives ( 2 of whom agreed that the advertising was misleading) we have been told that Samsung will not be helping us any further and would rather send our machine to landfill.

We were further told that  Samsung are not regulated, so there is not an ombudsman route to escalate our case. This means  we will be paying over £900.00 for a £600 machine within 4 years for general wear and tear.   Our family has been left without an essential household item with both parents in work and with nowhere to turn. We are totally dissatisfied by Samsung and will never be using them again.  I have asked for recordings of the customer solutions recordings where the representatives agreed with our position and sought help via a goodwill gesture to help with some of the costs of repair but were told that they could not help us following advice within Samsung. If anyone knows of an alternative route to help us via a consumer advice group then please reply to this message. I will also be posting this on FB and Martins Money.

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There is the 6 warranty rule u could look into and trading standards for mis selling. Just a thought.