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Delivery very slow on first time purchase - usual??

(Topic created on: 14-02-2023 04:18 PM)
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Home Appliances

Ordered a bespoke jet complete on Feb 10th. Delivery was to be with DPD (so it said so on their website) and asked me to pick a date/slot. I picked the first available one - Feb 15th (despite saying available for next day delivery) - I live in Northern Ireland so next day is usually 48 hours and not 24. DPD is reliable so I was happy enough with that. 

Then I get an email to say my delivery is booked for Feb 20th!! with 'panther group'. Never heard of the courier and the date is ridiculous. So ordered 10th - delivery 20th! One of the slowest deliveries I have ever seen online. I am a regular with many online retailers and 1-3 days is what I expect these days. 10 days is just incompetent. Is this normal with Samsung direct? First time customer - unlikely to buy from them again. Expected 10 days - order still showing as 'prepared for dispatch' and using a courier I have never heard of, despite saying they use DPD with all their deliveries. 

Very frustrated customer