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DC1 error

(Topic created on: 20/10/20 22:00)
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I have a Samsung WD90J6A10AX/EU washer dryer that has started showing a DC1 error. The warranty on the machine expired a couple of months ago (typically) so i have tried to solve the issue myself by searching online. I checked for any obstructions of the door lock but couldn't find any, turned the machine off at the wall for long periods before turning back on again but still no joy so i ordered and fitted a new door lock (the part that fits to the inside of the machine) but the problem remains.

Basically the machine is constantly locking and unlocking itself - i can hear a clunking sound and it definitely is capable of locking as i am unable to unlock it until i hear the "clunk" again - and i am unable to start a cycle.

I've spoken to a couple of people who have advised me it sounds like it may be an electrical problem and i'd need a new board which is upwards of £200 before adding on labour costs to fit it.

I'm less than happy at the prospect of a £700 machine that is barely more than 2 years old requiring this kind of repair. Does anyone have any other suggestions as to what the issue might be?

Full disclosure: i did start the repairs process through samsung but the local centre they passed the job to have terrible reviews online and have been borderline uncontactable by phone, so i really don't want to proceed with the repair through them.

Home Appliances
Couple of checks you can do at home. Run your hand along the rubber seal to check if anything has gotten trapped. Secondly, the door look if I'm right has two screws either side of it? If you are confident enough to check, it may be that water has ingressed into the sensor and shorted it.