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Customer 'service' and refund process is exasperating

(Topic created on: 23-02-2023 07:33 PM)

I received a defective product, 4 trips to 'repair' it (it was irreparable from go, service tech knew it, Samsung knew it and so did I) to get to the refund process.  I thought the repair process was tough, that was a walk on the beach compared to the refund process.  Not to mention the multiple calls and texts to get a repair ticket, then repair scheduled, and now the texts, emails, calls to customer service to get my refund processed is crazy, and I've forgotten how many were accidentally 'dropped' with no call back.  I have received 5 separate notifications that my refund was approved and Samsung is "sending me a link", each notification came with a different timeframes, 3-5 business days, 3 business days, yesterday I got 7-10 more business days.  Do they actually process refunds?  It's been all this time, weeks, to get the link...if I should receive this proverbial link and I upload my direct deposit info, will I receive the same delays for the deposit?


How many times will I have to be notified that my ticket was approved and that they're forwarding my payment information for processing?  Is it 5, 7, or 10...I'm just trying to sort out when I may actually receive the link and I need to temper my expectations.  I understand that just because I receive the link and respond that it'll be weeks and weeks before payment is actually processed.

 2/9/23: The request to provide a refund has been approved. Email re: refund

2/10/23: Thank you for confirming your information, refund assigned to a case owner; text

2/10/23: Samsung Exchange and Refunds Team, take 1-2 business days to approve and 3-5 business days to release the payment link; text.

2/11/23: Checking to see if I received the e-coupon; text

2/14/23: Samsung Exchange and Refunds Team, apologizing for delay and we would receive credit within 6 business days

2/17/23:  Samsung Exchange and Refunds Team, apologizing for delay and we would receive credit within 3 business days

2/19/23: Refund is in the final stages of approval; text

2/22/23: Notified I’ll receive the link in 7-10 business days; text

2/26/23; Notified once again my ticket was approved and forwarding payment information for processing.