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Chronically unwell person, life limited condition and a Eco bubble 9kg persistent faults and left high and dry By Samsung with

(Topic created on: 17-08-2022 02:07 PM)

Never again. Shambolic Samsung customer service … non existent infact.

Eco bubble 9kg
Model WW90M6450PX/EU
Purchased October 2019
Purchased on premise of reputable brand and fancy features ! And the enticing option of extended warranty for 5 years. How wrong I was.
Machine cost £750.
Delivery and connection failed as the waste pipe not long enough. 
This was to be the beginning of the end.
We are a family with a complex needs person who requires excessive amounts of laundry due to severe health needs and disability. In seat Slings used to hoist , moulded seat wheelchair covers , bedding, towels , clothing etc etc 
Machine is a necessity. Not a luxury. We can’t use launderette due to demands and turn around of using the garments repetitively in a day. 
We can use family of friends due to covid pandemic. Person is sheilding and is clinically vulnerable. We expose this person each time an engineer has to come into the home. 6 seal are visits since January 2022.
This SAMSUNG SAGA has caused us so much stress and inconvenience.
Have had no support from SAMSUNG at all.
Washer came with extended 5yr warranty.
When I needed to raise a job we were advised no warranty was in place.
It hadn’t been registered.
Thankfully I had emailed confirmation from Samsung.
After lots of effort on my part I managed to get the warranty confirmed and reinstated 
Last 6months the machine hasneeded
-Door seal £126 we paid.
-Door seal rim bracket
-Sump hose
-Door switches x2
-Printed circuit boards x2
-Wiring loom 
Still fault persists.
We had northwest appliance services of Preston , an approved SAMSUNG repairer , attend. 
Within two hours of the engineer leaving the fault persisted 
Over a week later, countless emails and phone calls I still have not heard from anyone.
Samsung send me text messages to advise of missed phone attempts but my phone does not ring.
I would like a refund. I was promised a refund or exchange if engineer could not fix it.
The support call centre operators give the same generic spiel.
No one is interested 
I have lost all faith and hope now in the appliance and Samsung 
The machine washes.
The jingle plays 
The padlock flashes on the display and a continuous clicking noise is heard.
The door will then fail to open. 
The machine powers down.
To open the door the machine is powered up by pressing the on button.
The door then opens.
 Whilst emptying the machine of laundry , power still on , the machine starts to fill with water.
It is not safe
We can’t launder when not in the home.
Someone has to be in to ensure the property is safe 
Truly disgusted in Samsung response 
Will never buy again 
Still waiting for follow up 
Has anyone had an issue with "outer door seal "? During a wash my come up and Samsung/John Lewis are not taking liability for the faulty seal design. The stress has being too much dealing with Samsung, its over a month now .I have contacted my local charity to help me fund the cost of the repair because I cannot be without washing machine, my kids have skins problem .I have contacted Citizens advice and trade standard. Waiting for an answer. Its just appalling that a Washing machine less than 1 year has had an issue. SAMSUNG excuse is that its my fault for "under loading "the machine " .The Outer door seal come off and damaged the rubber seal.

Yes the outer part of my door seal ripped.  We had no metal in the machine just sheets no zips or anything stuck in the door,  Or as suggested snaged by a finger ring.  The seals, in my experience and due to the other owners that have had a problem, may have an inherent fault.  It is up to the reailer to prove they have not an inherent fault within 6 months,   for up to about six years after6months I would haveto prove it. Others testimony suggest they do havean inherent fault.  There was  number areas of the Consumer Rights Act that my machine failed to perform on due to the seal and contract areas the retailer failed on due to the seal. My contract was with the retailer (pursue them) and the credit card company jointly -but before I sent my Letter Before legal Action (LBA letter) they refunded in full.  I am pursuing a claim against the manufacturer for damage to floor.


the metal clip on the wire holding the seal was sharp and it looked like it worked its way through