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Care and maintenance steps to maximise your washing machine's life

(Topic created on: 23/03/20 14:07)
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We want you to get the most out of your Samsung Washing Machine. The washing machine is often the unsung hero of the household appliances, it's so essential to our day-to-day lives, so we should do what we can to help it out!


Prevention is always better than a cure and taking these simple steps will help to maintain performance and maximise your machine's life.


To do this, we recommend that you regularly: 

  • Clean the filters, drain pump and mesh filter
  • Perform eco drum clean+ cycles
  • Remove foreign objects (e.g. tissues & coins) from clothing and pockets
  • Clean out the door seal, detergent drawer and drawer recess
  • Air the machine out
  • Run cycles following any check or maintenance.


Check out this video for help with these simple steps to keeping your Washing Machine in tip-top condition. 



First Poster
Home Appliances

The video says to clean the mesh filter once or twice a year. How important is it to do this? I have a problem accessing the mesh filter.

The mesh filter is at the back of the washing machine. Like most everyone, I have the washing machine with its back as close as possible to the wall. And I've got a tumble drier sitting on top of the washing machine. 

It's pretty much impossible to move the washing machine forward away from the wall, and I'm scared to try, in case the tumble drier fell off the top.

And even if I did all that, I'm scared of a water leak if I didn't correctly reconnect the water hose to the washing machine after I'd cleaned the mesh filter.

I've never cleaned the mesh filter on any washing machine I've ever had. What's the risk if I don't clean the mesh filter on my Samsung washing machine?

Samsung Helper
Home Appliances
Great post, also handy in our current climate when you don't want to be calling out engineers to be fixing appliances! Thanks