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Can anyone advise with regards to registering the warranty after the 90 days has expired?

(Topic created on: 13/01/21 21:05)
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Home Appliances

I have 2 appliances that I did not register due to Curry's representative saying all have been done at the point of sale despite repeatedly asking if we need to do anything else afterwards. I have called the Samsung helpline and after advise from Samsung, went back to Curry's. Then Curry's told me to go back to Samsung. They both told me that a card should have been given to register in which I did not receive on both appliances. Other companies have a reminder sticker on their appliances along with the number to call but Samsung do not.


Our fridge freezer is supposed to have 10 years warranty with the compressor and I know that Samsung has been telling me that this is automatic, who can say that they will not tell me later on that it had to be registered within 90 days if/when I do make the call?


Our washing machine is supposed to have 5 years and has the same situation as the fridge freezer.


We pay so much money on this appliances and if Samsung is really offering these extended warranties, why not let the consumer have it automatically? I know quite a few people who did not know that they still needed to register too especially those who do not have access to computer. Is Samsung only trying to hook you in and leave you dry and gasping when it comes to their warranties?


Any advise would be much appreciated. Thank you.