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Buzzing noise

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My new eco bubble washing machine is making buzzing noise throughout the cycle. I was told by samsung technician that this was normal. I do not believe this to be true.

Has anyone experienced the same


Hello, i have the same issue with the noise. The technician said the noise comes from the eco bubble pump. When i asked what can be done he answered"it sometimes hapen to become loud". Questioned further what can be done etc as that noise was not there when i bought the washing machine but had no answer apart from will report to the office. My question is what can be done. 

Thank you.

I am also experiencing this annoying noise.
This constant buzz is quite disconcerting. And I am certain it did not make this noise when I first got it.
Still machine is making a good job of cleaning my clothes which is why I purchased it and since hes in the utility Room at least the buzz is only in the distance when I'm in the rest of the house.
I would like to know what it is that's causing, and are there any plans to find a solution to it?

Hi. We have 2 Samsung Washing Machines. One here in UK the other in our Spanish Apartment. Both machines buzz during the washing phase. If you pause the cycle and open then close the ' little door' for adding washing during cycle then un pause the buzzing noise stops. We find it really irritating.


Hello, I’ve a noise during the drying cycle. Not sure if you’re able to advise from the video attached?!




Hello everyone, having trouble viewing the attachments, but please see the attached video for the noise issue with my new washer/dryer. Does anybody have any experience with this? Is it normal?



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I have the same issue with my WW81J5426DW.

This noise seems coming from the bubble pump. This occurs sometimes when the bubble pump starts (I don't know why). After some seconds, the noise disappears as you can see in my video.

You can reproduce this issue more often with the "eco" cycle because this cycle uses the bubbles during all the cycle. For other cycles this occurs at the beginning of the cycle when the machine produces bubbles to get foam.

If the noise occurs and you press the pause button, then continue the cycle, the noise disappears.

My wash machine is quite new (bought in August 2020). I checked the filter, it was clean and the propeller of the pump seems not blocked.

I don't know if this noise is really a problem and can cause damage. For now, my machine works fine (except this buzzing noise). For sure this noise seems not normal.



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