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[Bespoke 1 Door Fridge and Freezer] Awful experience!!

(Topic created on: 06-10-2021 10:19 AM)
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I recently purchased a Bespoke 1 Door Fridge and Freezer together including deliver and installation on Samsung official webpage. The fridge and freezer were delivered on Thursday 30th September, but the delivery team didn’t install it because they were informed to deliver it without installation. So, I contacted Samsung and they sent another team on Saturday 2nd October for the installation. However, the second team didn’t know about the product very well because they didn’t know how to install the door handles. I contacted Samsung again and they arranged another team to visit on Sunday 3rd October. However, the installation team didn’t turn up. I had to contact Samsung on Tuesday 5th October again regarding the issue, but they are still working on the issue and the fridge and freezer haven’t installed yet. Please DO NOT buy any product from Samsung as their service is extremely terrible and not acceptable at all.