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Are we as buyers being duped by Samsung's advertising blurb on Washing Machines?

(Topic created on: 27-06-2022 03:34 PM)

We bought a WW90T534DAW washing machine  in Feb 2022 and are very happy with it so far and the results on most washes.

The only thing I find disconcerting and feel done by is the advertising for this model. Before we bought it I done a fair bit of reading up on it on the Internet and all seemed to point to the same things:

Autodose: - "the washing machine features autodose and measures out just the right amount of detergent and fabric softener so there is no under-dosing and over-dosing  of detergent and no waste" - that's what the advertising said . i liked the idea of that because in our previous Hotpoint washing machine I always thought we may not have been putting in enough detergent or maybe to much , it was hard to get it right.

So got the machine and alarm bells started to ring when I went into the menu settings and it said 'Low/med/High' for autodose for detergent and fabric softener, so then I got to thinking/wondering why you would have to adjust dosage if the machine is an "autodose" model and supposedly 'measures out' the correct dose on every wash for you? 

Now, after having the machine for a while and putting it through its paces I am not sure its a 'true' auto dose washing machine at all, there have been washes where there has not been any bubbles in the drum (which i would say is underdosing) and other times where there are many bubbles in the wash. The dosage in the menu has been set to 'MED' and the same make of liquid detergent used all the time.

Also the next thing that feels to me the it is not a true autodose is that it only pumps the detergent at the start of every wash and thats it. Its not monitored throughout the wash like I thought it would be.

I thought maybe throughout the wash a sensor in the sump (I think its called a Turbidity sensor, and i am pretty sure this machine and the Samsung models at this price level have not got one fitted) - if it did have a Sensor then throughout the wash it would measure how much soap detergent is in the water of the wash drum. - If not enough suds then it would send a signal to the detergent pump to add more detergent in the middle of the wash cycle, and if there was too many suds it would send a message to the electronics to empty some water out of the drum and add fresh water without detergent.

- none of this happens , because I am pretty sure they have not added this additional sensor on their cheaper model autodose machines , only maybe their flagship models at over a thousand pounds could they have possibly added the extra Turbidity sensor ... even then I am not sure if they have because as far as I can make out the extra sensor is only on model numbers starting with A or C and the UK & Ireland ones all seem to be DAW or DAN. 
Now onto the other bit of what I was expecting but is different from the marketing blurb . 
So I looked on the Internet of the Machine and investigated how eco-bubble worked. It looked like a good system. in the diagrams the Soap from the detergent drawer was taken down with the cold water down to a bubble generator at the bottom of the washing machine and mixed together immediately with air and then pumped into the bottom of the wash drum so thats air/detergent & water all mixed together to get started on lifting out the stains at low temperature . 

In reality after having the machine for some time, again that system in the graphics is incorrect! - the Soap detergent and water go directly straight into the top of the outer drum just like any other washing machine out there (well it does on our model anyway) and the same way front loading washing machines have for years. Not straight down to the ecobubble generator pump like in the graphical demo. 

Whats more the ecobubble pump does not get to work straight away (which to be effective thats what you would like it to do , but instead it waits until the required amount of water is in the bottom of the drum (so if you had a low water pressure that could take some time to get to that stage) and only then will the ecobubble generator kick in and work, so its missed all that time it could have been getting to work on the laundry at dissolving the stains at low water temperature. - 

Just another observation that the website says that the drawer has a stay clean drawer system with powerful positioned jets. Bear in mind their page on the Internet pages the machine is an Autodose model but they show a conventional type soap drawer with the normal 3 compartments - needless to say the Autodose drawer works in a different way and I have had to wipe down the top of the drawer ... so no it does not look like a stay clean drawer no. 

Its a bit naughty on the part of Samsung to put the information out there if the machine does not perform in the ways that is advertised ... its a bit like manufacturers selling vehicles with engines in where the manufacturers have lied about emissions if you know what i mean and we all know how that is ending up now 🤔. This is why it is important for manufacturers to supply the right information for their products.  

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