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Since I got Galaxy S8 device (Android 7.0) I can not use my Samsung Smart Air Conditioner app (ver 1.2.81) in "out-of-home" mode. It just stop working and cannot connect via Samsung account. "In-home" function is working properly.

I have tried all restarting/installing/deinstalling option and still not working. I should mention that with older smart phone I have, with Android 6.0, app is working perfectly in in-home and out-of-home mode. Thats why I conclude that problem is in the app and not in the smart phone or smart air conditioner.

Local Samsung Customer Service is very unproffesional and they cant find solution and even don't try to listen!

Please help!

Kind regards,



Hi @dmilan.


Nothing back from the app development team yet; but our contact in Serbia has responded asking for you to get in touch with local Support on 381 11 321 6899, or to directly call Ekran service In Belgrade t: +381 (0) 11 761 47 07,  +381 (0) 11 664 22 27 to arrange a home visit.

We are going into cirkle :smiling-face: I have talked with Serbian Customer Support I don't know how many times, and send them screenshots, IMEI number, kernel versions.. and after all of that they told me to contact "Ekran" service but that is authorised service for Samsung airconditioners. My airconditioner works fine and there is clearly not the problem with it because app works fine with my aircon if it is installed on any phone with Android 6.0, iPhone 7, or even phones with Android 7.0 EXCEPT Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+.

Probabbly we need to wait some answer from app developer...

Thanks anyway!

Any news? I have this same issue but in Poland.

Hi! Few days ago they finally intalled app ver 1.2.82 on my phone and it works! But I don't understand why they don't relese it at Play Store? There is still ver 1.2.81 at Play Store... You should push hard Customer Support in Poland to find solution and to install new app version direct on your phone. Or suggest them to contact Serbian Customer Support for help and consultation.

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I've been having the same issues. I have the Smart Home app and I got the air conditioners all synced with the app. It worked for a few weeks, then everything shows as disconnected.
I know the units are connected to the wifi as I can see their status on my router.

Hi, I have this same problem. Some days ago wokred fine /  iphon7 , Smart Air Conditioner ver 1.6.18 / 

Technical support in Poland does not helping 😞

Let me know if you have answer.



Hi, it has stop witking for me too. Iphone xs app 1.6.18 and the same over browser on PC.

Devices are register on server but not possible to manage out of home, shame.., Any idea how to fux it?


I have registered aircon on smartappliance.  In home aircon work fine, but out of home in app  " not registered airconditioner". 

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