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American Fridge/Freezer RS68A8840B1/EU, Filter DA29-10105J - New filters not like previous filters

(Topic created on: 28-12-2022 11:38 AM)
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Bought the RS68A8840B1/EU approx 20 months ago.  We used the supplied filter for approx 6 months and then replaced with a spare (bought 2) from an Ebay seller claiming they were genuine, they functioned exactly like the original filter.  Replaced each after approx 6 months.  In the last 2 months I have now gone through 3 filters, 1 from a different source, 1 from the same Ebay seller and latest 1 from Samsung and they all do not filter like the first 3.

Original and first 2 replacements all showed the same characteristics when fitted.  The first 3 litres of water started quite black and turned clear, the water (after the 3 litres) then tasted like proper filtered water.  Members of my family who didn't drink tap water started drinking the filtered water because it tasted so nice.

The last 3 filters tried (including 1 direct from Samsung) are different to the first 3.  When flushing through after fitting there is no 'blackness' to the water (as if there's significantly less or no carbon in the filter).  After the 'flush through' the water tastes almost exactly the same as our tap water.

Has the specification for these filters changed?

Where can I get filters that match the original?