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American Fridge freezer problems RF23HTEDBSR

(Topic created on: 06-05-2021 01:56 PM)
Rhian Davies
First Poster
Home Appliances

Hi, We have a 3 year old RF23HTEDBSR fridge freezer - it has always made a loud noise but has got worse over the last few months and ice machine always freezing up and now doesn't work at all. And the shelves are splitting. (I have attached pics) we have contacted Samsung and had engineers out and apparently it is out of warranty and we will have to pay for the repairs ourselves. I find this astonishing as it is only 3 years old. How do I make a complaint please? As the fridge is not fit for purpose and should not after 3 years be breaking down.  We previously had a Samsung fridge freezer whick was always icing up and eventually stopped working as they finly admitted it was a fault with the fridge freezer itself and eventually they replaced it as it couldn't be repaired. Not going through paying for repairs on this one for it to stop working again as I now recognise the noises it makes before its on its last legs!! Not impressed with Samsung at all.