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3 years - 4 broken Samsung appliances....

(Topic created on: 02-04-2024 06:25 PM)
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I built a new house 3 years ago and purchased mostly Samsung appliances for the house.

In that time.... First the washer broke after 1.5 yrs, I purchased replacement parts 2 times and then purchased a new one when it broke again. Wife wanted another Samsung so they matched....

then 2 months later the dryer went, it was first the drum wheels, I replaced, then the idler, I replaced, then freaking wheels again.... So we got a Bosch...

4 mo ago the dishwasher went and flooded an area of my basement when it one of the housings broke, cost to repair was cost of a new unit.... so bought a Bosch....

NOW MY NEW WASHING MACHINE THATS 1yr 4mo old is making a loud noise so loud you can hear it outside the house. Repair part for me to fix $380...... So im junking it and again replacing with a Bosch...Rather spend 200 more for a new machine that's not Samsung.

I honestly can't believe the lack of quality in these machines these days. Im ultra handy so I can fix items without a repair guy (your spending hundreds on them now) but all my machines failing multiple times in such a shot period, Samsung has gone so far into the cheap to break and replace mentality is stupid. These are very simple machines if you have ever taken them apart yourself, there's not a ton to actually break but again and again these things are just failing. The Samsung brand is absolutely garbage to me now, I will never ever ever buy another Samsung (nor my kids) ever again.#neversamsung #samsunggarbage