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28l combination hotblast microwave

(Topic created on: 23-11-2022 04:36 PM)
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can you tell me please.28l hot blast easyview combination microwave model MC28M6055C.

the heating circular element on inside back wall when using purely hotblast convection oven,it only glows hot at the bottom edge of that circle is that correct ,like anyone else's?

on using hot blast convection oven only ,I pregeat to beeps to say ready ,I quickly open doir put stuff in and shut door 3 seconds max and find temp has dropped from 200 down to 180.anyone else? can check actual temp by hitting hotblast button , (display shows 200 because that's what was set to).

also names the whooshing intermittent air sound blieing normal..but also a ,bub bub bub bub bub bub sound whilst on hotblast oven only at times s lot louder then maybe quite quiet.


coz the temp drops do much on opening door to put food in oven ,foods taking longer to cook and cannot now cook cakes or yorkshires coz temp so much lower once opened for.

anyone experience any if ghus please..