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Samsung Health – June Broccoli Island Challenge

(Topic created on: 30-05-2023 02:08 PM)
Charlotte B
European Community Manager
European Community Manager

Welcome to Broccoli Island!


Those little mini trees are notorious for being pushed off plates of kids around the world, but broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables around.


Get familiar with broccoli and meet a curious red fox while exploring Broccoli island. It will make you healthier.




Challenge details:

Starts – 1 June

Location – Broccoli Island

Step target – 200,000


Will you be taking a stroll through Broccoli Island challenge?

Share your progress with us below.


The Community Team




How to join in:

  1. Go to the Samsung Health APP on your mobile device.
  2. Sign in with your Samsung account.
  3. Complete your registration to Samsung Health.
  4. Select the “Together” tab to see current and upcoming challenges.
  5. Press “Join now” to join a challenge.


  1. The global challenge starts on the first day of every month and ends on the last day of the month.
  2. Users can join or leave the global challenge at any time.
  3. Steps will be recorded from the time you join the global challenge and records will be removed once you leave the challenge.
  4. Steps can be uploaded up to 1 day after the end of the global challenge.


Guys.. I (as this is my private view) I find the presentation of these challenges are rather childish to a grown up MAN.. Rabbits, butterflies, broccoli 🥦.. Absolutely feel sick

Samsung if you don't know how to publish a challenge, Go to Garmin and learn it

There are challenges for Men, women, girls and boys, additionally the individuals can create their own challenges with, running, weight training, etc etc

The BEST thing is, Garmin has challenges for people who are unsure of their identity too (Respect to them).

With Samsung.. Simply NOO choice

June Brocoli.. 🤮🤮.... Give me a real MAN name

Are you more of a tinned spinach man, @IndiW😜😄

The challenges as they’re presented don’t appeal to me either. But then again, neither does anything that assumes genders are monolithic things (e.g. the kind of simplistic take on masculinity that says that real men eat red meat rather than lettuce). Nor does all of the stuff about stats and gains etc. which leave me cold, often frustrated, and feeling hopeless in achieving any of it. Throughout my life my body has stubbornly followed its own mysterious agenda regardless of actions taken with it.


As much as I wanted to do them, I sucked at sports and fitness stuff as a kid. I was painfully aware of that at the time, and so tended to shy away from it all after any initial failed attempts. About the only things I was good at in terms of physical activity were running around aimlessly or breaking stuff. 😂


The breakthrough for me at school was when I was 11 and my headteacher made me the referee for football matches during P.E. in order to get me to do something other than just stand there in the cold. It also presented a different angle: making me want to learn the rules of football – which was something I felt confident in doing, being the more bookish type – and which ultimately got me interested in watching, studying and playing the game (which I did a lot of in the years that followed).


All of which is a ramble to say that sometimes an alternative, less obvious approach not only can reach those where the more obvious, perhaps more traditional approaches haven't, but can also make those people feel included in the whole thing. And I’m guessing in that sometimes strange place of Samsung-land that’s where broccoli and butterflies are intended to come in…


Can’t say that I know much about Garmin’s health and fitness presentation, but I’d be interested in hearing more about your ideas of how you’d not only reach the folks like yourself but ones like me.


On the first day of the challenge, people have crossed 125K steps... does not seem right (possibly extremely fast cycling?)

Screenshot_20230601_091430_Samsung Health.jpg

Samsung Members Star ★★

Whilst the challenges  could be improved not to hung up on the names  and all sorts like "cuddly things"  and certain healthy diet choices.  obviously will not appeal to everyone  , mind you also  think we should not be too stereotypical.

Have not felt like joining in though as the targets seem out of reach for my fitness standard.

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

My Device- S21 Ultra 5G ( SM-998B/DS ) CSC= BTU , 12GB/256GB
One Ui 5.1,Android 13 .

First Poster
Bro what is this I like broklie but this is cringe
First Poster

So this started four days ago and leader is doing 60 to 80 miles a day with almost 550,000 steps? 250 ish miles in four days. 2.5 mph for 24 hours straight. Maybe I am just a sub par athlete but if this seems possible to anyone, please comment. 

First Poster

More like riding in a car.

I wouldn't mind some brocoli.
I entirely agree with what your saying! Not only is it a bad challenge overall it may make people over-think or have anxiety over a miniscule thing like a post on here, leading to them just having a really miserable day or evening.

I was actually so similar to you except i could play rugby rather than football. The basketball team was all very sexist so i created a multi-gender cult- very protagonist of me eh.

Anyway, i agree with everything that you said and i was entertained with the rivalry between you and the comment above! Toodle-doo! 👋