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Level Up tournaments are back and better than ever in 2022!

(Topic created on: 18-02-2022 04:30 PM)
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What is Level Up? Level Up is a community tournament hosted by Odyssey League, giving players of all skill levels a chance to compete for amazing Odyssey monitors. Last year, Odyssey League hosted two Level Up tournaments in Rocket League, where Players had a chance to win a Samsung Odyssey G55T each!

 It's free to enter and a great way to level up your game. Odyssey League: Level Up returns in 2022 to bring you an exciting new game, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. It's time to park your car, put on your gi, and brawl it out in the streets. It's easy to sign up: just go to our Tournament Page, register, and join our Discord server for updates for your chance to win an Odyssey G55T monitor!

 What are you waiting for? Level Up! “

 “Streetfighter not your thing, but still want a change to get your hands on a brand new Samsung Gaming Monitor? Well do not worry, as over on our Twitter page we’re giving away another Odyssey G5 Monitor to one lucky individual. Check out more of the details here.

The tournament page is: