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ZFold Series - to fold or not to fold, oh and the iPhone

(Topic created on: 15-09-2022 09:00 AM)
Samsung Members Star ★

After a dismal 2 weeks without my ZFold3, Samsung and TMT are really useless and have no idea anymore how to treat customers, sad when a brand reputation is equally if NOT more biased on how the OEM reacts when things go wrong. I am only grateful that like others i am not 8 mths without a ZFold3.

Anyway on a far more positive note, the experience left me juggling with an old iPhone 6s, S8 Ultra [Tablet] and Book2 i5 [Laptop], it really brought home how flexible and universal the ZFold3 is.
With my ZFold3 and now ZFold4, i can do 90% of things alone, without a PC, laptop, which is so liberating in the brave new flexible remote working world. Couple with two M70A monitors at two locations, i could use it fulltime, bar the following exceptions.
EXECEPTIONS - Laptop required for WebEx presenting (screen view on mobiles does not work well), more focused O365 work due my work IT policy.
That said i love the Samsung WORK PROFILE execution, one click and anything work related is OFF, in comaprison IOS has a painful convulted focus setting, but you still see the notification count and end up all hours "just checking" work stuff.
iPhone/IOS - i started with MS Windows smart phones, tried the first iPhones and never got on with them, i like the iPad mutltasking, BUT the Samsung and Microsoft O365 execution just works so well and seamless, meaning the iPhone/iPad becomes a painful experience. I guess if your not a Microsoft Office user then its not a deal breaker.
SAMSUNG - sort out your after sales service, it needs to be "white glove" for top end devices at least, even your after care package you offer going by this and other forums is a NIGHTMARE, stop using TMT and insource your sales, service again PLEASE.
ZFold4 [Mobile], Pro5 [Watch], S8 Ultra [Tablet], Book2 i5 [Laptop], Buds Pro2 [Buds] M70A 32/43" [Monitor], Smart Tags+, iPad Mini 5 and iPad Pro 12.9 GEN2 [Tablets]
ZFlip3 [Mobile], Watch5 [Watch], S7+ [Tablet], QN95A [TV], Q900A [Soundbar], MC28M6075CSM [Microwave], Samsung Level [Speaker], Buds Pro [Buds], iPhone 12, iPad Air 2, Airtags
Regards Obsydian - (Car & Tech Evangelist)

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