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Zflip3 screen protector

(Topic created on: 22-07-2022 02:25 PM)
Galaxy Z Fold | Z Flip

Samsang help!!!




They are scamming people out of warranty on their mobile devices with Samsung. 

My screen protector started lifting and Samsung told me I must send it to them for replacement. Upon receiving my phone they sent me a bill for £279 to replace the screen saying the scratches on the rear of the phone invalidates my warranty and they will not replace the screen protector but the entire screen at a cost of £279! As soon as I typed the company name into Google the first 5 reviews are the same thing and the Internet is full of reviews saying they are fraudulently claiming damage that doesn't exist. I have evidence the phone was in mint condition when sent apart from the screen protector lifting away from the screen.


They are scamming consumers out of there hard earned money with these scamming business practices.  


I have reported them to every governing body I can find but Samsung need to stop using these companies and scamming practices!!


Anyone help me? Where can I get the screen protector replaced if the only people allowed to fit them are scam artist and refuse to only replace the protector?????? 



Help help help!!!!!

Galaxy Z Fold | Z Flip
Yeah unfortunately I've heard enough stories of customers being charged £££ with claims of damage to the actual screen.
Personally I will replacing the screen protector myself when the time comes,Amazon have lots of protectors for the flip3.
Helping Hand
Galaxy Z Fold | Z Flip
I've not got a flip phone but can't you just remove it Or is it needed? I'd be looking for clarity on why scratches on the rear of the phone would invalidate a warranty especially as the rear of the phone has nothing to do with the screen protector lifting.

Ask them for a detailed report if you want to take it further, tell them they have 28 days to reply and supply report.
Galaxy Z Fold | Z Flip
The exact same thing has just happened to me but Samsung it really NOT interested in helping its customers. First I tried to argue the warranty but Samsung says complaints manager tells me 1) she can't override the decision made by the engineer and 2) theres no escalation point. This is even after accepting that the scratches on the back of the phone did not cause the issue.
Most worrying is that TMT fabricated damage to the screen that did not exist to justify their recommendation to change the screen and charge me £300. My phone does NOT need a new screen, it only needs a new screen protector. When I contacted Samsung to voice my concerns they completely dismissed me.
I feel I am being punished for having bought their innovation!