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Zflip has black line in the center

(Topic created on: 13-04-2023 06:51 PM)
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Im really disappointed with how my zflip 3 just got the black line in the center out of no where,and   the apps stopped working from the line.The phone is expensive and expected to last at least 3 years +.never dropped the phone but it just acted up.send it in for repairs but im not happy after reading some comments about the screen breaking issues.Samsung has to up their game because we are gonna run to other i have to use some old phone for the period im still waiting for the phone to return. 


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I really appreciate how frustrating this can be when a phone fails @Mavis   😔 

Nowadays most are dependent on their phone's to be in contact and online. Me included.

So having to send off the phone I appreciate can be highly inconvenient. 😌 

These are expensive phone's but unfortunately tech can fail whether it be their hardware or software.

I own the Samsung Fold³ so I appreciate where your coming from. I've had no issues with mine apart from the factory fitted screen protector delaminating which I've peeled away.

I appreciate mine is the Fold and yours is the Flip model.

I hope for a speedy turnaround of your repair so you can get back to enjoying using your Flip³ phone @Mavis  

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