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Z Fold 4 Screen Broken

(Topic created on: 24-05-2024 04:50 AM)
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Samsung is claiming this as a "Crack" but that is NOT true.. It is a product defect not a screen crack!! Their warranty process is a joke! 

You can clearly see how much they value the Z Fold 4 product... It was retail priced in USA for $1919. I traded in my Galaxy Note 20 for the ZF4 as Samsung moved away from the Note products and I was in search of something new, reluctantly as I always had amazing quality Note phones. 
If I were to trade in my ZF4 now after just over 1 year of ownership I would receive LESS trade in value for the ZF4 ($450) than I would if I still had the Galaxy Note 20 ($550). This shows everyone that even Samsung does not value the ZF4 as much as a two year older model Note 20! 
This is very telling. They continue to refuse to take responsibility for the manufacturer defects of this product. 

As a loyal Samsung customer.. after this experience, I have to say this will be my last Samsung phone. Support was no help after 3 hours and 4 people later I continue to hear the same two options from the support team. Pay for the repair (that I did not cause) or take a pathetically undervalued trade in value for a new phone... Wow 


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Hi and Welcome to the UK / Eu region section of the forum @cshep7 

You mention " USA " so I assume that's your region.

You might be better served by also posting in the US region section.

Your terms and conditions maybe different to that of here in the UK / Eu. 

If a phone has damage then that would directly affect the Trade-in value.

Trade-in values can also fluctuate on phones. 

I appreciate you state you didn't cause the damage to the screen, however the fact remains there is damage. 

If Samsung are sticking to their initial findings that this is accidental damage, then you may have to look at other options such as Home Contents Insurance etc or pay the fee. 

Harsh I understand as you firmly believe the damage wasn't caused by you. 

However you decide to proceed I wish you all the best. 


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