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Z fold 3 front screen protective film replacement?

(Topic created on: 23-04-2022 10:16 AM)
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Hi, I was lucky enough to get a Zfold 3 at launch. However, the factory installed screen protecting film on the front (small) screen quickly picked up some scuffs and started peeling in a couple of places, even with a case. I lived with it for a while but its an ace phone and I just want to get it sorted out now, as its frankly an eyesore on an otherwise amazing bit of kit.

Can anyone point me toward the best route to getting this done, I've never had to replace screen protective film before. Do Samsung offer a (hopefully free?) service?

Thanks in advance, and sorry if the question is a bit derpy, I have done some googling but it mostly comes up with issues on the main screen which I do not have problems with.

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Samsung wouldn't offer it free and I'm not sure they offer one for the front screen
If you have a Samsung Experience Store near to you it's worth asking
But really there are others you can get on places like amazon that you can fit yourself
Might look at getting one for mine now you mention it, as mine is looking tatty now
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Hello @Macross 

The internal screen protector on my Fold³ failed.

The outer screen protector is fine.

These types of screen protectors are pretty simple to fit. Plastic tpu and tempered glass screen protectors are available from selling sites as indicated by @Glenntech and from some Highstreet Network Stores too.

There are YouTube tutorials available showing how to fit them.

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