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Z Fold 2 warranty (dont trust it)

(Topic created on: 10-07-2022 11:38 AM)
First Poster

Please see the information below sent to Samsung in regards to my z fold 2 that has a hair line crack on the fold line. Hand on heart this is a faulty screen.


It appears to me from conversations with Samsung that the repairs were deemed chargeable prior to any inspection from the moment you received the phone. I have to say your magnified pictures of what is fair wear and tear makes the protective screen cover look like a bus has driven over it but in truth that’s not the case. If you remove the protective cover, you will note that the main screen below has no signs of any damage. What is apparent however is the hairline cracks seen at the top and bottom of where the fold line is, this overtime has slowly increased in size due to the opening and closing of the phone. I first thought it was the protective cover that was failing but I was wrong. I would consider myself as a high user in the opening and closing of the phone which In my educated judgment is the reason for failure.

I was aware that Samsung had problems with the first Z Fold screens and decided to wait for the Z Fold 2 but as you know it has also had the same issues. It’s just unfortunate in life that the consumer feels the brunt of many problems until such time as the manufacturer succeeds in getting it right.

I am a good honest person and if I felt I had personally caused the screen to fail I would be the first to admit it but this simply isn’t the case and it would be too convenient to have failed where the fold line is.

It would be very easy for a small fish like me to bullied by Samsung into saying yes sir I will pay for the faulty workmanship and just go away. I am also an engineer in my profession and highly respected and I can 100% hand on heart say that the cracks in the crease have not been caused by fair wear and tear.

I have to say that the experience with calling Samsung on (0333 0000333) has been a real shambles except when it was explained to me how to back my software up...

Extracts below along with my opinions:

On the 6th of June at 12:32 I called Samsung and was told I would be transferred to the engineering department to see if m...

I then called again on the 10th of June at 16:38 and was told the phone was damaged and they are waiting on a quote. I was upset with this news...

I then contacted Samsung on the 14th of June at 12:39 via a messaging chat and spoke with Jem. I said whenever you put me through to the engineering...01782 576930 for the engineering department and I called them at 13:13. I was shocked to hear exactly the same answer yet again it’s not yet been inspected. I asked ...

I then contacted Samsung at 13:56 via messaging chat and spoke with Obs. I now got another story that they were waiting on a pri...

Samsung knew from the start that this was going to be charged without an inspection hence why I am not at the top of the list. Now I know you are charging me prior to an inspection I ask you to please have the phone returned to me unrepaired. You can see from above just how much I have been messed around. I am very upset and feeling a little discriminated against after hearing other customers have had the same problem with the fold line and the screen has been replaced under warranty. I don’t intend to give up on this.

Just received my flip phone back from Samsung fully repaired after weeks of arguing about the cracks in the screen protector. No explanation given. Keep going. I told them not to return the phone until repaired. 🤔