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Z flip promotion, crazy suggestions

(Topic created on: 09-11-2021 10:41 PM)
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When buying the phone there was no info on the galaxy watch promotion, I purchased the phone 3 hours before the promo started, with anything like this there is usally some common sense needed to make sure customers don't feel ripped off.
I made several phone calls but the Samsung promotions team couldn't use common sense, I was told I could send the phone back for a refund and place another order to get the watch!!! Now being savey to how things work this makes no sense from a cost perspective for samsung to do this, they would then have a second hand phone and also have paid to ship the phone another time. When speaking with Samsung directly they advised me the transaction is only completed when I received the device due to long distance selling so I should be entitled to it, back on the emails to Samsung promotions I explained this and again just a generic message with no common sense used.
I love my flip 3 but this whole thing has left me with a sour taste so wouldn't buy another, let's hope we see oneplus bring a flip out so we can have better service and a promotion that takes previous purchases from 14 days prior into account.

Tip for Samsung actually use your head with this and make the promotion shorter and allow for people to claim a promotion within 14 days, this will save you so much money in second hand phones being sent back.
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Totally appreciate your viewpoint in regards to why Samsung would want a used phone back from someone who is still within their 28 day cooling off period, so they can take advantage of a free gift.

One would think it more cost effective to sort something out to send the watch.

There was quite a few recent threads from people who were in similar situations to you and indeed some of them in their cooling off period sent the phone back, and then started again. The other problem is not everyone has the disposable income to re order straight away, so have to wait for a refund first.

Some didn't order direct from Samsung but from Network Contracts which initeskf can cause issues.

Unfortunately some were out of their cooling off period as they had pre ordered the Flip phone, so missed out on the promotion which annoyed them which again I can understand. 

Promotions do have start and end dates and come with eligibility requirements and Terms and Conditions which have to be met which is needed for obvious reasons.

As far as I'm aware this is instigated by the purchase date not delivery date.

I think this because imagine the scenario of placing an order and then it changes to a delay , which takes one past the end date of the promotion ,and then to be told you no longer fulfil the eligibility as the promotion has ended !

A few years ago I missed out on a free Samsung VR Headset by one day.


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