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Z Flip 5 fast charging.

(Topic created on: 21-09-2023 09:14 AM)
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Hi all.
I have various fast charging plugs, Samsung and non Samsung, and various fast charging cables, but my Flip 5 doesn't fast charge, when you first connect it briefly says fast charging but then reverts to normal charging. 
Can anyone offer any advice on this please.
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You may find it's the wording of how it's says its charging that's slightly confusing @Whiteonline 

If you go into the phone's battery settings it should give you a clearer indication there. 

If fast charging is On in your settings and the phone is definitely only normal charging then I'd first suggest to try your Samsung Charging Brick and Data cable that's able to fast charge { as not all cables can } with another Samsung phone to see what happens. 

If the phone still does nkt then look at this support Samsung link > 

If this does not help then a Samsung Service Centre will be able to. 

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 

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Hi thanks for the reply.
When first connected it says fast charging then changes to just charging. The strange thing is though, I've just tried it again now and it said fast charging 46 minutes, then changed to charging but still said 46 minutes. I can't remember whether it has said differently before. For a phone that has 68% charge though, I do think 46 minutes is a long time to bring back up to full?
3 leads and blocks I've tried with my old S9+ all fast charge but this one doesn't.
I'm going to wait until the battery goes down further then see what it says to do a full charge, and compare it to Samsungs data.