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Z flip 3 phone with black line across screen at fold/crease of screen and top half of screen is unresponsive and phone is new

(Topic created on: 07-10-2022 11:10 AM)
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I just bought the z flip 3 phone for ny daughter thru best buy not even 2 months ago and she just brought phone to me crying bc there is a black line across screen at crease and now the top part of screen isn't responsive at all. She didn't do anything for this to be caused. Before I handed her this phone for making honor roll all year I made sure she had the phone in a case built for this kind of phone I bought same day at best buy that I bought this phone. So it was in case b4 I even gave her this phone as a gift. There hasn't been cold weather for this to happen to the screen and ny daughter did not drop this phone or anything. She opened it and all of a sudden there is a black line across phone in the crease out of no where. And bc top half isn't responsive I can't even search for updates or anything bc she can only use bottom screen at moment.  When I bought phone, I also bought case and insurance thru best buy all at same time and phone was totally protected before I even gave it to her. She hasn't even had phone barely a Lil over a month when this just happened out of no where.. is there not a fix to this? Does anyone know if best buy will offer a replacement considering I still have receipt for buy and bought insurance all in same day as well as a case so this phone would be protected completely?  Why is this happening? Is there not a fix at all? 

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First call I think would be where you got the phone.
From your description, it sounds like the screen has got damaged somehow and needs replacing.
If you have insurance then normally that will cover the cost of repair if there's no excess to pay.
You will probably get more specific advice on the Samsung Community U.S
As you will have different market requirements we don't have in Europe

Hope you get it fixed and your daughter can enjoy that great phone.
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Hello @MommaX4 


You are going to need to approach BestBuy and let the agent there have hands on with the phone.

They will then advise what can be done for you in regards to an exchange or repair.

I wish you all the best. 

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Unfortunately by what you're describing it sounds like it's been damaged and not a defect with the phone itself.
Best bet is to see if it's covered under the insurance you purchased for the phone.

This happened to my phone today. I opened my phone and there was a black line at the crease and the to portion of the screen is now unresponsive. I hope Samsung does something about this defect.

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I just have the same issue with my wife phone. The phone is new (Less than 2 months) and this issue occured today from no where. 

I have purchased the Samsung care with the phone and will try to replace it with another model as it seems not really good phone. 

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i'll be damned, but this just happened to me this morning.    It was fine, then a grey line, abut a quarter inch thick appeared.    the phone stared not responding and acting wonky.    then the line grew and changed to black and the top half has absolutely no response.     need to reboot and turn off using Bixby.     has anyone found out if it's a known issue?    I really love the phone and hope it's something that can be fixed locally

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Did the screen look like this? Because i got mine in may of 2022 and i went to open it yesterday and as i flipped it open it made a popping sound and now looks like this and it gets worse every single time i open it. i can’t use the too half of the screen and it tries to click on randoms thing. samsung needs to address this situation 

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Yes, mine has a thick black line across the middle.  Went onto the online chat support and it has been booked in for an engineer to take a look.  Surprised that they haven't released a statement about this as it seems to be very common.  I did not damage my phone deliberately or accidentally, it just appeared out of nowhere!


Same issue here.  I have a 4 month old Zflip4.  Did not drop it or lose in water.  Original screen protector still in place.  Opened it up this morning only to find a huge black line across the fold, and the top half of the screen no longer responds to touch.  This is complete trash.