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Yet another cracked screen along the fold for Z Flip 3

(Topic created on: 24-05-2022 02:20 PM)
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After reading all the other posts here I find solace in that I'm not alone. But poor form Samsung!

My Flip is 9 months old, so definitely covered by the warranty. I also have Samsung Care.

I noticed recently that along the fold, the screen had developed cracks at the left and right edges. Imagine if I continued to use the phone in about a year the cracks would meet in the middle.

So I got my phone collected last week and today I'm being asked to pay £99 excess as my "Warranty void due to impact damage". The phone has a tiny dent in one corner, which doesn't effect the working of the phone. 

I checked Samsung website on what it says about warranty and : "The warranty does not cover accidental damage. If your device has a smashed or cracked screen, this will be deemed out of warranty. If the device has deep scratches or dents that cause the device not to operate, this would also be classed as out of warranty."

My phone works fine. And the cracked screen is due to a Samsung defect.

Called Samsung to complain and the lady on the phone says that I need to pay the excess and if the engineers deem that it is not a fault due to the dent I'll be issued a voucher. For Samsung store. Now why would I want that. I'm still out of pocked £99 and they just getting me to buy something from their store.

I know it's not a lot of money. But I also shouldn't be paying to repair an issue that I have had no hand in.

Been a Samsung customer for ages, first phone was the S6.  And on my 2nd watch now too.
But I'm tapping out. Samsung you have lost me.

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Same hear just had my phone a few months and the black line has appeared with added popping noises when I open and close it , have been told to contact Samsung 🙄
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And I have not damaged my phone in anyway at all , the phone shop said we advise you to not close it and keep it open and contact Samsung directly as we see this problem all of the time , great just my luck
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How did you argue this? I'm trying to dispute but they just gave me samsungs email...I'm fuming with them not taking accountability for the screen

Hi, just checked and I haven't kept the email.
Basically implied that I might have spoken to a third party (solicitor) and asked a few questions. I also gave them 10 working days to reply (they never did).
Questions such as....
Did they agree that the failure was stress cracking due to fatigue which is an inherent design flaw?
Ask for the "Engineer" name and contact details.
State that the phone was in good order when you returned it and ask for the phone and screen protector to be returned for inspection.
Ask them to confirm in writing the exact nature of the impact damage confirming not damaged when posted.
I stated that in the event of an unsatisfactory resolution that I would take further action.
Samsung and the third party will blame each other and have you going round in circles if you keep phoning them.
Good luck.
PS my new phone has started to crack now. Can't be bothered trying again. 😴
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I managed to get my device mostly refunded by O2 in the end and have returned to iPhone again.

The first device failed and was sent back for repair but was then stolen by the delivery company on the way back to me. After about 3 months including someone bringing one to the door but then refusing to hand it over as was wanting me to provide the one I didn't have.

The replacement fold lasted much less time and broke after about a month. After some back and forth with me not wanting to accept another replacement device I was sent a refund which covered almost what I originally paid.