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What are the difference between Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip

(Topic created on: 05-12-2022 01:09 PM)
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Hi Friends

I want to buy a Samsung smartphone, and may I know whats the main difference  between Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip and which one is the best

Please Suggest me I am waiting for your views

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One folds one flips
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The zfold has 2 screens, an outer smaller regular size and shape screen and a larger inner tablet like screen, whereas the z flip only flips up or down and is more like a regular smartphone when opened, the zfold is better but it will cost you more
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I think the fold has better specs
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Really depends on your needs and wants, if you want a small form factor the flip is amazing, or the fold for the 2 screen experience (1 being huge).


I am thinking more and more I could live with the flip instead of the fold and ditch the manbag

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Spec's comparison, here...

Video, here...

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 vs Fold 4 - Which

should you Buy?

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I would say the Z Fold 4 is more impressive (without owning one)  but that comes at a premium whilst the Flip has some attractive features  at a more budget friendly price.  I think the main appeal for many on these devices is related to form factor/design though.  Memory/Camera /Battery life better on the Fold devices (though some say may not need as much memory on the Flip)

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Hi @Kavnntimm 

I was contemplating between the Flip³ and Fold³ and eventually chose the Fold³ because of it's form factor which ticked my personal wants and needs boxes.

The front screen on the Flip³ is good to see incoming notifications and see who's calling etc, however I wanted the option where I could use the front screen as I would on a typical phone,  and then be able to unfold it to the larger inner screen if I wanted to carry on viewing a page in a larger spec.

It's also awesome for media consumption such as YouTube viewing.

The Flip internal screen is beautiful too but it is pretty omuch the same'ish dimensions of the current phone I already had.

I wanted the option of a different bigger screen / different dimensions when I opened it up.

Also the size of the Flip³ phone when closed was a little too small for me.

I felt I'd lose it in one of my pockets 🤔

I'd suggest to look at YouTube reviews and have hands on at your most local Samsung Experience Store / Network Store that has working demo models on display to use to get a feel for them both.

Both are gorgeous feature rich devices in their own right ️ 

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 

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